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Buy LORAC Beauty and The Beast Pro Eyeshadow Palette 16 Shades at the best Online Price. Body LORAC: Lace and Soap Hair LORAC: Lace and Soap Face MakeupWe are currently on hiatus, but I have to tell a story that I think is really important and you should see it. Last year I was on a road trip on my bike with a couple of friends, which we dont often do, when we decided to hit up a bar in Austin. Our plan was to sit on the patio and watch a bunch of other people drink, but as it turns out, we werent the only ones that decided to visit the local watering hole, as there was a huge party going on. We thought it would be fun to join in on the fun, however the bouncer at the door had other ideas. Its not even midnight, if you want to come in, you gotta get a wristband, which you gotta show ID for like an hour to get, so you gotta be 21 or over and have a valid ID, its really expensive. While my friends were a bit disappointed, none were really surprised. For the most part, the bar tends to be a pretty expensive place even at this late hour. Not too bad though for a college kid, well that is until you learned that the person behind the desk was actually not a bouncer, but was in fact a bouncers supervisor. What do you mean no bouncers over there. All the ones inside just got a new security guard, so they have their badges and IDs checked just to make sure theyre who they say they are, they gotta wear these wristbands to do it though. Wait, so do you check IDs to make sure theyre over 21. Or are they just checked for that, but youre letting in people anyway. Both, they gotta go in and get a wristband to get in, and then to the party too since the partys pretty big. You just wait until you see the person. As my friends were walking away with their bad-ass party vibes, I noticed one of them had a small, black wallet in their pack. I didnt even think about it until the next day, but now that I think about it.

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