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It,It,cannot be seen and can, Player information for Beauty and the beasts: You open the door and feel the cold wind blowing in you face. You hear a creaking noise in the hallway and looking in the direction of that sound, you realize it is the refrigerator. To take a look at the girl who broke into your house. Well, I guess thats one less thing to worry about. Its dark inside and you dont see anything out of place, but then again you dont have supernatural sight either. In any case, you dont feel threatened; you just dont want to be up all night. You see a few drinks on the shelves and a fridge, which also has some food in it. Theres also a half-empty bottle of soda and some water bottles. So, youre the guy who broke my fridge. Well, you did a very good job. Yes, but you could have knocked first. You open the fridge, take out some cans of beer and a bottle of vodka, and you throw them all in a nearby bag. Then you walk over to the bag and pick up the bottle of soda. You turn around and see that the girl from before is standing behind you with a flashlight, looking carefully at you. You play along and say shes not the first person youve seenNo, the girls not the first person Ive seen today. Im sorry, but its just I dont wish to make you uncomfortable. Just put the light off so I can sleep.

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