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On Friday, the Obama administration announced that it will be easing some restrictions on imports of Chinese solar panels following criticism from the Trump administration and trade groups. Obama administration officials say the decision is about promoting U. This decision is not targeted at one country, it is about American workers and American businesses being able to compete on a level playing field, Obamas chief of the U. S trade dispute with China and the panel will be looking at how the Obama administration negotiated trade agreements with China. The new panels could reduce or even eliminate the trade deficit that the Obama administration has been trying to help repair. Today, I am proposing we expand a review of our trade agreements with China to include how they have managed our trade in solar cells and solar panels, and I am approving an application from a domestic manufacturer to import more of their products to help expand employment here in the United States, the president said in a statement. In December, the president announced a new 30 percent tax on solar panels imported from China, and increased tariffs on other solar products made in China. Trade deficit with China in the year since he was elected and has repeatedly threatened to levy retaliatory tariffs. The American solar industry had been reeling from a falling market and plummeting costs on cells and modules. Solar panel makers have blamed the drop in demand on Chinas high cost of labor, which many factories there employ low-paid workers. In the coming weeks and months, the Trump administration is asking the International Trade Commission to review our trade agreements to ensure we are once again competing on a level playing field, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement. This is a necessary first step to help grow our own manufacturing base in the U. And will allow manufacturers to manufacture their products here at home, creating many new jobs and increasing wages for American workers. The Obama administration simply decided to ignore the facts and protect their favored special interests at the expense of workers and businesses. The presidents trade panel has also been reviewing the South Korean market, which is also flooded with products made by Chinese manufacturers. Thats why were doing the review, Commerce Secretary Ross said on a conference call with reporters on Monday. The Commerce Department said the panels could be approved, or they could stall the panel.

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