Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale written …

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You wait for her with your chest puffed up. With your face on your hands and your arms outstretched, ready to catch her when she comes running. She looks at you with big, innocent blue ones, and she smiles. And then she gives the best thing shes ever given a man. Its so simple, so innocent, so touching, and it means the world to you. You dont know why you cant just do that all the time. Why you spend so much time struggling with the world, with love and with life, and you spend it wishing only for a big, magical, fairy god mother who will come out and give you everything you could possibly want. The fairy godmother will always take care of you. You cant imagine ever feeling any other way. You dont know why you wont let go. You know youre doing whats best for you. You keep looking up at the stars when youre alone. When youre with her, you focus on the people there. You wonder about the people there, and what makes them happy, and what makes you happy, and you wish that you could be happy for them. At night, you lay in your bed and stare up at the ceiling with everything you have in you. All your energy is focused on the fairy godmother. You watch over her with your mind, and you try not to think about the sadness that is slowly creeping up inside you. You watch the moon rise and fall, waiting for one day you can see the stars. You watch the trees in the backyard rustle by themselves and wait for the flowers to wilt, waiting for the wind to die down and disappear. And the moon begins to grow larger and larger, until its more than it was yesterday and it wont be tomorrow. In the distance it gets bigger and bigger until its the size of a full moon and it will be until it completely engulfs the sun. You are the suns reflectionThe fairy godmother is always there.

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