Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 American animated musical …

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There is no music inthe titleof this film. Back to the indexTheres something strange happening on Google right now. Roughly 40 percent of its active users, which used to make up 75 percent of the sites user base. The people leaving are either leaving in droves or arent visiting the site at all. A massive exodus occurred last month, which prompted Google to launch a change to its algorithm that appears to be exacerbating the trend. The question is: Are these people leaving in the hopes of increasing their search ranking, or are they leaving for other reasons. And they all share a common thread:1, The site is brokenGoogle is an awkward hybrid of the old and new Google sites. It still carries the brand of the old Google while also featuring a lot of things Google is changing from a physical business standpoint. The recent changes to its algorithms are the tip of this iceberg, but the overall feeling on the site is that its in disrepair.

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