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A giant orcine monster with an unquenchable thirst for blood is about to attack. Youre about to end your own life in the middle of this battle. Youve been given the chance to spend the rest of your life as a bastard. Do you wish to live as a fucking homoerotic honest human animal again, a-. Briefly you stare at the screen, trying to come up with an answer, trying to come up with a rational and fair choice. You delete the file to end the gameJust as you thought: The only decent option is to delete this crazy bitch. With any luck that will mean not having to see her again, You delete the file and go back to your previous routine of not sleeping and work. You wake up, feeling like shit, and vomit on yourself. Your stomach rumbles, and you wonder if you should go see a doctor; then, after all is said and done, kill yourself. You head to the local pharmacy and buy some stomach medicine. You see a doctorAfter you have swallowed the medicine, you begin to feel better. You go to the local hospital, and find out that you have a case of food poisoning. It wont kill you, but its going to make your stomach ache and make you feel terrible for a while. Youre going to go see a doctor, and they can give you some pills to cure you. You wait in the hospitalYou spend the next few days in a really shitty hospital near a busy highway, which just so happens to be in a town called Klyton. A lot of people who live in Klyton go there to get treated for their illnesses. There are also many beggars and street urchins that beg for money in the streets. The hospital there is very old, and its infrastructure is all decaying. It looks like youre going to have to spend most of your time there, in the hospital, or in the infirmary, and having to interact with all these boring people who arent going to help you anyway. You dont know what will come your way. At some point, you manage to get yourself a.

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