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A faint, yet almost palpable odor wafts up from the room. You cant quite place it, but you know its definitely not of the cooking or food variety. You quickly check the kitchen, but find that nothing looks suspicious or out of place. Upon seeing you, her hair is tied back in a pony tail with a ribbon. In fact, it seems that her entire body is covered in a thick coat of fluffy black hair. Her eyes, though, are closed, but she sees you and then opens her eyes to glare at you in an almost child-like manner. She then turns away to the window to gaze at the town in the distance. Well, Im sure youre all happy, arent you. Well then it seems that my offer has been accepted. Ill take you to the Sea of Love, as long as you give me the book that was given to me by one of the local villagers. We can come here as many times as you would like and Ill guide you to the best way to get there with my advice and my knowledge. At this point you walk to the window and peer out at the horizon. You dont know whats out there, or how many miles youve walked, but this will be a fun trip. You smile at the small smile that forms on her face. With her head bent low, she looks out at the horizon as you do the same. Ill try to find the shortest way in and out, she says to you. You can show me where to go on the map if you like. Youve always been pretty good with maps. Ive always been a little lost, so I wouldnt be at a loss with directions, just a bit lost.

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