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Youre still hoping that this beauty will be released this year, but youre not holding your breath. After finishing this film, you still didnt feel like youve seen everything about this film. While this is technically a prequel to the rest of the series, the story is a little more open ended since its not as focused on the main characters but more on other ones. Thats probably why it was released as a short film first. So you could have something more to digest while your mind was still busy with this film. Though this short film is a bit of a sad one, it also has some funny moments. After watching this short film, youve given the film a very high score since it really didnt leave you with that many bad feelings after finishing this film. You look forward to seeing it again when its released in a more formal way on Blu-ray and DVD. So there you have it, for now these are the most watched and reviewed movies on your Netflix account, if you feel like theres anything to be added to be reviewed, dont hesitate to leave a comment. If you found it helpful or informative, please share it around and help the rest of us out. You can also follow me on twitter and instagram. Dont forget to subscribe to my blog, follow me on these mediums, and leave me a like so I can motivate more people to do the same. AdvertisementsThe second of the final parts in our series of reviews on the PlayStation VR. The Last Guardian is a PlayStation VR exclusive which sees veteran developers Studio MDHR taking on a game like no other. Developed by the same team responsible for the PlayStation 1s Eternal, The Last Guardian tells the story of a child called a Guardian who must come to terms with his own mortality. Its set in a world where the technology to travel into the past has been lost, so instead a barrier separates these worlds in order to protect the people of the future from the horrors of the past. In order to unlock the barrier to travel into the past, a Guardian must undertake a pilgrimage to a sacred temple. There they must fight a monster known as the Behemoth. To the player, the fight against these monstrous beasts is fantastical, but to the Behemoth they are nothing more than beasts with magical abilities. It is through these encounters that the player learns more about themselves and the world, and the story is told in first person. The PSVR version of The Last Guardian is a remarkable experience. The gameplay is an amalgamation of both older games and PS1 classics, but its presented wonderfully. The character models are impressively detailed and the environment is a stunning recreation of the Japanese countryside.

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