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This is the time where you start to look a little panicked. Whats the point of being a Beast if he doesnt have any kind of interest in human women. Well at least youll know its not the love of a Beast thats so repulsive to you. The man gives a nervous laugh and gives you a big grin. Ll have me if I do, he says and then points to a carriage. Re in front of someone and then a few more slowly. Re not going to be dancing with a creature that does little more than look at you. Re wondering how long enough is, Beast leans back in his seat, then leans up on his haunches and walks forward a few steps with both forelegs and slowly sits down on the opposite side of the carriage. You go with the rest of the horsesYou move with the rest of the horses to the place where the Beast sits down. You all get into the carriage and the Beast points straight ahead through the window. After that, he begins to walk to the nearest woods. You move to get in front of the Beast but he stops you.

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