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The Beast is first seen wearing the suit and bowtie outfit from the original film and then after being imprisoned in Belles body, the Beast puts on one of the various Beast costumes from the various films he has appeared in. It also appears in various episodes of the television series which were produced by David E. You quickly take stock of your situation. Dizzy with shock, you sit up as you look around in an attempt to confirm that you are in fact in some sort of strange cave. You see that you are not in a cave at all, but in the same room as Belle. The room you are in is lit by candles on a nearby table and is covered with various paintings and tapestries. The room is dimly lit, giving the impression it is nighttime. There is a window near the door and the moonlight caresses the room in a soft glow. The room has not had time to get as dark as it could get. You look around and notice that the candles are falling from the ceiling and that many of the tapestries are hanging in the room are half-way done. You also see many pieces of furniture in this room that have not been used in a long time and are not put away, let alone used. You dont hear or see anyone else. You leave the room to find some way to leave this caveYou think you see a way out of this place so you head for it. You walk out of the room and through the door and into the hallway. There is still a window in this room and as you look into it, you notice the moonlight from outside falls upon the wall at the window. You walk out of the room and turn around to look back into the room to confirm you are now out and into the hallway. You are dressed in the Beast suit and bowtie from the film. You also have the Beast costume from the television series. You look around and realise that there is no-one in sight in the room. You try and look for BelleYou continue to go through the hallway, hoping to come across Belle and get the answer to your questions. You continue to the staircaseYou go up the staircase as fast and as quietly as you can.

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