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You delete your previous postYou delete your previous post, a sad face. You have just realized how cruel life truly can be. You have finally found a new purpose in life. You have made some new friends on this new journey. But soon, you will have one more problem to deal with. The party that will surely be filled with all sorts of people, all seeking the same elusive prize. All thats left to do is to join in the fun. You dont join the partyYou shake your head. You have finally come to the place where you will be able to achieve your goals. You may never be able to return to the world of your memories. You will never be able to reunite with your family. You go back to your workYou dont feel like returning to your home, to all the memories you once had there. There is no point in being here if you cant return to your life as it used to be. You decide to go back to your work. You take a deep breath and let it out. Its been a month since your previous encounter with your old friend. You cant say that you were anticipating such a situation. Youve been waiting a long time for this day. You see some familiar faces among the party. Yeah, I am not surprised youre here. No, but I do hope youll allow us to speak to you before you go. Perhaps we will be able to persuade you otherwise. Come, Ill introduce you to the rest of the party. As soon as youre ready, Ill be ready to listen to your plan. You are surrounded by a crowd of dwarves from all over the kingdom. You know everything is going to be alright, but you have to make the time to listen to the great kings wisdom, because you feel he deserves it. I know you just met my friend here, but he is a very influential dwarf. I really hope youll listen to what this dwarf has to say. We have come to invite you to join our great land. We have plans to form an alliance with your land, and to fight the great land-magnate that is threatening us all, the great king. Let the dwarves youve just met join you in your own land, so you can get to work on the great lord.

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