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You see an empty page with the title The Internet. The link starts to open and you get a pop-up that says This link is being displayed because it is an unsafe page. You cant seem to click on it or anything, it just takes you to this page, which is called Beauty The Beast Comics. You read 1You read the first comic. Its a parody of the Beauty And The Beast song Beauty And The Beast. The comic starts out with the title: Beauty And The Beast: A Fairytale. The comic goes on for a few more pages with the comics title, A Fairytale. Youre not going to read anything more of it. The link that you clicked on opens up to this page. The Beast ComicsThe top part of the page basically says The Internet. The top part of the page basically says The Internet. The next two parts of the page are simply a list of comic titles with their copyright info and links to those files. You read 2You click on the link The Internet. You see a pop-up screen that says The Internet. Your screen flashes white for a moment before returning to normal. You see a black background and the words The Internet and a gray screen. The link takes you to a page that looks eerily similar to the one that you just clicked on, only there is one important difference. The comic title starts with The Internet and it continues to say The Internet. This comic opens up with a title that says The Internet and a picture of the same gray screen that you just saw on the last page.

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