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BESTIE You join the partyYou join the party full of cheerful souls, dancing and celebrating their happy birthdays together. Suddenly you get a feeling, a feeling of dread. It feels like you should be able to fight, but instead you feel terrified. You run awayFeeling afraid, you run away, terrified of the unknown. You feel like a zombie, because you feel exhausted. You wake upYou suddenly awaken from your nightmare, your body is very sore, tired, weak. But your nightmare was the beginning of a new day, and you are happy to see that, and feeling very tired too. You wake up the next morning feeling very tired, but you know thats because you worked hard today. You head to the kitchen for refreshments, to take some of the water for drinking and some for making tea. M so happy to see you awake, well at least I thought you were. At this moment, you feel a sudden surge of electricity through your entire body. It is only slightly smaller than you, and it walks with a machine-like speed. You are so fascinated by this creature that you decide to take it for a walk. You do not want to move it too much though, because it may move closer to you one day, and this would be very bad luck. You go back to workYou are determined that nothing will happen to you today. You decide to wake the rest of the people up. You wake up the next morning refreshed, happy and ready to take on the world. You take a napYou decide to take a nap, but once more you feel you need to.

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