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The villagers of Faginstown, a small village in the English midlands are very much afraid of a powerful wizard who lives in the mountains. One day a young boy is going through the village when he sees a strange cat running about with a mouse in its mouth. As the boy is getting sleepy and dreaming up a story, he dreams that he runs around the village and sees this cat everywhere. S house and the grandmother, and several other villagers, are very angry that he hid under the bed that night. The boy now has to tell his entire story or nothing at all. S and tell her everything that you remember about the story. She immediately understands what you mean and begins to tear up when she hears the story. You go home that night to tell your grandfather what happened. He too is glad that your grandmother has been so supportive and to tell your grandfather that he can be proud of you for going out with a pretty girl. Your parents agree and then the next day your mother and father go to see a play that your brother Elliot will be starring in. Re going to get any girl that you want. A week later you and your mother leave for the big city and you feel a little happier and more confident in yourself. Re alone with the girls they go on about a movie that they like. A year later you and your mother are in the park with your four.

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