Beauty and the Beast is an optional quest in Chapter …

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The quest-giver then gives you the next three tasks. Now you need to find the secret entrance to the dwarven mines if this is your goal, otherwise you wont have much option, as the dwarfs mines are the only way to get to the Dwarven Mines and the secret entrance is hidden in the Dwarven Mines. Youve successfully finished the dwarfs mines task. Youve successfully finished the dwarven mines task.

Fools parsley- Find 8 people for true love. Your eyes scan the road for another possible path to the city. You turn around, and continue your journey. You can call me Dijkstra, you reply immediately. A lot of other people are going to different parts of the wilderness. Its not always going to be easy to find the way to the city, but if we follow a path, then its going to be a lot easier for all of us. Im not sure what to do, the man says. Follow whatever path youre interested in, then ask me something later. You stop the carriage beside several other people. The first of them you see is the man who earlier said he was following a path. He looks scared, but doesnt seem to be doing anything terribly harmful to anyone. The next person you see is the woman holding a young child. She looks somewhat terrified, but doesnt seem to be doing anything to anyone. The next person is Dijkstra, a tall fellow with a long beard, and a long mustache. I thought we were taking the same w. Im not responsible for anyone doing anything you are. Okay, okay, Im not a hero, but Im not a villain either. Ill keep this straight, so go ahead and get on with it. Anyways, you should have enough food to last for a week, so we can eat. We have a couple of barrels and sacks of meat and fresh fruit on this carriage. If anyone has any spare, they can just take some of that shit. He then looks around at his fellow travelers before speaking again.

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