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S just one of two of the recent examples. And has a different theme, but they both have one thing in common: they all have a little bit of the concept of human-beast interaction and are all really good. Re going to watch a movie that at least attempts to make the audience at least feel a little bit uncomfortable while in the confines of a large, empty theater. The movie is called The Conjuring and it is a horror movie, but it was directed by T. Colin Campbell and written by his son, and the same writer that wrote the book. Film, but it seems to be doing more than just trying to scare the pants off you. As you sit in your chair, you watch the film. It takes place mostly in a creepy old mansion that is still in use today. An old married couple is home alone and things take a turn for the worst when they start experiencing unexplained paranormal activity. T go so far to say that it is a horror movie, it definitely takes the basic horror tropes and does its best to make them seem a bit more believable. T long before the film starts to feel like a movie with more than just the supernatural elements. It becomes a coming of age story, a cautionary tale, a coming of age romance, a horror story and much more. S something that the whole family can come to an agreement on. Even the music used in the film is pretty interesting and definitely not your average ghostly or otherworldly sounds. Sounds are done fairly well too, as are the special effects.

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