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Com,-FandangoNowAnd from my research of a lot of these comments Ive come to believe that some of these folks really dont know what theyre talking about. Beauty and the Beast is a Disney movie and a bunch of guys got together and made a movie. Okay, first of all, some of us are more than a little disappointed that the movie doesnt look like one of those Disney animated feature that Disney was doing way before they started having the same issues with the 3D. Second of all, the movie is NOT a bunch of guys. It was directed by Darren Aronofsky, and you can see how he has strong ties to this film to the point where in the movie, he doesnt even have the script. He just goes with what he wants to do and he makes the movie in the way that he wants to make it without really making any changes to what he already has. Its a film thats very personal to him and he really put his heart into it. And third of all, while the movie certainly does have a few jokes about how all the men are virgins, its not meant to be some sort of bachelor party movie. Which is a bit of an issue for some members of the LGBTQ community because when we think of a bachelor party movie we think of cheesy 90s movies where the guys are all drunk and horny and the women are all passive-aggressively submissive in their appearance. So if you dont like the movie and youre wondering what this means for you, then you should probably calm down and just enjoy the movie and not assume that you need to see some sort of gay porn or anything like that. Beauty and the Beast is a Disney movie about a woman and a prince who fall in love and get married. Okay, lets break this down a bit shall we. Firstly, Beauty and the Beast is not a fairy tale. Fairy tales are about stories about fairies and fairies are creatures that dont exist. While there IS a prince, and while there ARE fairies and while the fairy princesses are very pretty, the main reason that the movie is called Beauty and the Beast is because the Beast is, well, a beast. A beast with some very human-like traits that are so strange, and so out of character that youd be hard-pressed to believe that it is in fact the same.

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