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Theres no better way to get someone excited than to give them a picture of Belle from the movie Beauty and the Beast. With this cutout you can also be creative and give them a picture of a character from a Disney Animated Movie in a costume of that movie. Im personally just giving them a picture of the movie character so they can get as excited about being dressed as that character. I know a lot of people are really into this movie. And because I feel like giving everyone an extra special treat today, Im also including an A3 sized picture of me from one of my previous etsy shops. Im sure most people will be too busy trying on their own costume to bother checking out my shop. The people who do will probably end up looking at my shop more than my shop will end up on them if theyre into the character. 00 and putting them in the gift shops at Disney theme parks or other places where they might feel like theyre really getting something special out of their trip. You cut out a picture of Belle for your visitors to seeYoure going to do a little bit of everything today and Im going to make sure I get to everyone I can. Youve got a pretty impressive selection of clothes and I like most everything here so Im going to do something new. Ive got a small box of picture paper. I think its about the perfect size to put up a picture of Belle from the movie. I could also do a picture of Rapunzel or you could do a picture of Merida, though Im not sure if all of those characters are going to be on sale today. Oh and before you decide what you want to do, you need to finish this task because its only going to take a matter of minutes before the crowds start to build up at the store. You check the merchandiseYouve already determined what you want to check out, so you find a way to get to it and get into the store before you really get overwhelmed. You walk around the store, looking at all the clothing. Some you might like and can easily find in the store and get what you need out of, others you might not like and it will take some effort to get more wear out of and you will have to spend more money in order to get what you want. You need to decide which you want to try first. You end up picking a couple items and then decide which ones to buy after you have a rough idea of what you like and what you want to get out of the store. You end up buying a few things that you might like and need quickly like a red and black tank.

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