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The castle is presented as if its been on Star Wars trailer. Were not here for you to see anything else, Mrs. Yes, youre here for a movie, you point out. Havent you learned by now that movies come first. If you like what we have to offer, youre just going to have to take that risk. The castle is pretty nice in all honesty, you think youre going to stay here awhile, and you may even be right about that. You leaveFor now, you need to focus on the present. OK, thanks for the offer, but Id rather not. A couple months pass and you make no progress in the cave. Potts seems friendly enough to you on the outside. You dont think about it too much since by now youve given up any realistic thoughts about the whole situation. Youve been down the rabbit hole before and it didnt go well, well for you it didntThe more you think about it, the more you realize youre probably going to be better off staying where you are. Ill be back with some sort of reward for you, so stay the course until then you tell yourself. You eventually do get something in the form of a vase or something else pretty simple. You just think about how youre going to spend your reward, but you quickly forget about anything else when the next month comes around. It takes you a bit longer this time, but eventually you get the VHS on which you watched Belle of the Ball. At first youre disappointed with how bland it is, but it starts to pick up in quality as the movie goes on. After its all over, youre so happy you cry a little bit. The sad thing about it all is that youre already so used to the dark and gloomy caves that it doesnt really do much for you. You spend the rest of your time in the castle alone, except for the occasional visits of Mrs. Shes very kind to you, but also a bit creepy in a way you dont like. It gets to a point where you dont even think about leaving the castle anymore. This is something you were looking for when you got here after all. You spend months without seeing her, but then one day you just dont see her at all. The cave is all dark and gloomy by that point, so you dont think anything of it, but you start to get worried.

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