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You download the second image and you see what it is. You stare at it and it stare back with its eyes wide open looking at you. Your mind goes into overdrive as the thing is completely different from what you have known so far. Its legs are too long and have sharp claws on the end. Then, it raises its arm to you and a strange liquid runs down the claws on its hands and onto your face. It touches you, but then it stops touching you and its face changes to a more human looking one. Ve heard his voice before, but he was always singing a song and only when you were sleeping. The thing turns its head towards the sound and it looks at you, almost in an alarmed way. The creature looks into your face and then it turns its head the other way. So you came to this world for better or worse. The creature looks at you more intensely and it begins to glow. The thing says and disappears into a window while you stare at it. You stare at the window and then you begin to move forward and the window slowly opens. You see a hallway and the creature looks at you again. Re going to see the last part of my gift to you. It says while it slowly disappears back into the wall behind you. You turn to goYou turn to head back into the room you were in earlier. After all, why stay at a place that looks like a monster was waiting for you. As you walk, you see the glowy thing again in one of the windows. Re very brave of you to come here and face this.

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