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You sit up and take a quick look at your phone. You put the cover on the DVD and put it into the case and then you look at the cover again and you sigh. This guy should not be allowed to work in the movie biz. At this point I think I should put him out of his misery. At this point you get up and quickly run off to your room and close the door behind you. Re too exhausted to do any more thinking. Ll be refreshed enough to get through the rest of the day. You drift off before you know it and are immediately up. You open your laptop to see what other work you have to do today. Ve been doing nothing but working on the television show again. Ve been working on a TV show for five days straight. Re not even trying to be funny anymore. S just mean and the writers are so lazy you can see them. Their talent should be used to write a better script instead. You sit down at your computer and go on Facebook to see friends. Unfortunately the only ones on there are your other co-workers. Ve all been getting out of control. Ve only managed to sleep for the past 7 hours. You go to sleep wondering what your life would be like if you went to college. Would you have more time for things in your life. T afford to waste time on some lowlife on youTUBE who is going to get themselves into trouble anyway. You spend the rest of the day sleeping in until you have to return to work. S like your brain is trying to tell itself to.

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