Beauty and the beast rotten

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The last thing you hear is her body hitting the floor. You flee the tavernYou quickly exit the tavern and make every effort to forget the horrible night. T even think about your situation anymore. T last long as you learn that your sister is the wife of a local wazia named Fagula. Re not going to have a happy ending like you imagined it would. Eventually your brother Joffrey becomes king, which means your name is forgotten about altogether. Ve lived through a fairly boring time. Ve never experienced any good or bad fortune. S only a matter of time before the entire country splits into two. In ten years, what once was the kingdom of Nalin will be nothing but a collection of petty clans, warlords and petty dictators. Your brother Joffrey is dead, and you have become ruling king. She was no better than you, and she was no better than your brother. Ll never see your mother again. Re never ever ever ever going to know a father. You were too young to look after him properly and too old to raise him properly yourself.

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