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You go to TumblrYou head to Tumblr to check out the memes that have been flooding the board. You click over to Tumblr to see the best of the best. You find the best of the best, and the best of the memes and posts that have been happening lately. You click on Beauty and see the most amazing of the best. You see the best memes about the Beauty that are being created on Tumblr, and what they think of the best and some of the worst. Its like living in a dream if your dreams were about things other than beauty and the beast meme. You are about to fall asleep, but you decide you should see what else is on the H board. You go to the H Board and find there are other memes on the board but nothing you can understand. You find out more about the TumblrYou continue to study Tumblr to see what else there is on the board. You continue to read about what the board is all about, but nothing you can really relate to. Its not that its not interesting, its just youre not into beauty, and the beast meme. You turn off the computer and begin to fall asleep. You wake upYou shake yourself awake. You grab your phone and check Twitter, Instagram, and the Beauty board to see whats going on. You scroll through to see whats trending. You find the Beauty board very interesting, but then again youve found other things very interesting, and this seemed a bit dull. Its almost like when you first learned to type, except with picturesYou begin to type, but your phone doesnt let you. You think youve messed something up with your mouse. You find the screen is upside down and then you realize you need to look at the phone, which is upside down and youve typed in a picture as if you were trying to turn it left to right with your finger. Its so hard to read on a phone upside down and you wonder how you ever.

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