Beauty and the beast storyline

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He is a prince whose heart is in the wrong place. He loses his sight and he can You go back to the innYou decide to go back to the inn where you should have a good opportunity to get out of this situation. D even go about trying to do so. Re at a loss what to do and have no idea where to run to, so you attempt to get a sense of where the guards are coming from so you can get out of this situation alive. Re starting to get light-headed too which makes you unable to concentrate on anything for a little while after that. Re not going to just stand for being trapped like this. You grab the nearest thing that you can in your desperate attempt to get out of your current predicament. Re not quite in control of yourself when you do this and you end up starting to shake violently and falling to the floor in a very ungraceful manner. You do have to admit though, you do seem to be having a rather good time out of it.

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