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The short version of thestory There is a storm brewing, a storm of discontent. You are a servant, one of many, all of whom have not been paid for months. You are on the verge of losing your home when a group of angry villagers come to your home and threaten to burn it down. You are a servant of the man who raised you, of the king, and your family is at risk. Its a monster, its my heart Ive been working on to replace my damaged one. You continue to hold the glass vial that contains your heart. It has a few signs of moisture, and you know that if you let go, it would be destroyed. You put your hand on top of the vial and gently press down on your heart. You feel a slight thud, and then feel your heart explode into something that you know not. Your heart is no longer a normal size, it has expanded to be large enough to fill the bottom of a glass vial. Its now colored red, and it is pulsating and pulsing, and youre certain that it will soon not stop. You ask, unable to stop yourself from doing so. I feel no pain, I feel no discomfort. We had a future, a new life together. The vial that contained your heart begins to turn black, and you see the bottom of it begin to crack and bubble. The world begins to flash before your eyes. Your flesh begins to burn, and everything around you begin to become blurry, as if your eyes are constantly watering. You slowly begin to see light emerge from within, and realize that your heart is the source of said light. You gasp, as it beats as a living, pulsating creature, pumping a light that allows you to see. You begin to feel a tremendous pressure mounting inside of you, and you.

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