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Your stomach growls 8You sit up and your eyes are already misting over. You stand and look out into the rain soaked window. You scream in terror, but the rain and winds seem to make everything even more indistinct. Your screams are interrupted by several more figures emerging from windows and out of the rain. The wind and rain cause them to appear faster and to move in a group rather than alone. You scream more and attempt to run, but the beasts follow you all too easily. You try to fight, but this only causes you to be hit with multiple pieces of rock. The beast on the left strikes the back of your leg, and the one on your right grabs your arm. You are unable to scream and just lie there. You can see nothing but grayness and blackness. You see yourself as an old woman, looking down at yourself. The last thing you hear is someone in a strange voice calling your name. You screamYou struggle to scream out, but the noise of the beasts and the rain make it impossible. You do however manage to throw one of the stones at the nearest one, which is promptly destroyed by the beast on the right. You are too tired to scream out, so you simply lie there and wait, wondering if you will wake up in the night. You look around and see that you are on a small beach. You are in the forest, but you just cant remember where or when. You look around, and for the first time in a very long time, a strong wind blows. The trees around you are swaying back and forth violently. Suddenly, a large creature jumps down off of a nearby tree and smashes its claw into your head. The rest of the creatures then follow up with several slashes and punches. You lie on the ground, gasping for air, and struggling to sit up. The creatures claw is still in your head, and you have a large bruise on your.

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