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You, on the other hand, havent been a fan of the movies since they ended. In fact you havent watched a movie in years. You only find yourself watching horror movies on Netflix or the odd horror movie that aired on TV once in a while. At first it was a guilty pleasure, but lately you start to regret your past and wonder if maybe there is some substance to your negative feelings for the movies. You have spent more time with your girlfriend, have made more progress on the project, and just had to tell her and her family that you are leaving. In the end, what you really need to do now is look at the big picture. You need to put aside the ego and just be grateful that you have the chance to work on this project and give it your all. You work on the gameFor you, its about the future now. Maybe you will become a game developer when you have enough experience and skills to achieve your goals. You might even end up being a film maker, even one of the directors of this film youve written. What you do know is that the game needs to be polished up and ready for its public debut and its also about the future. If this means sacrificing a few hours of sleep, youre willing to do it. You decide to make a plan, but you dont know what to choose yet. There are a lot of possibilities that you could choose from, from killing all of them and going for the long night to killing a few of them and going for a longer night to just taking your chances and trying to blend in somewhere between the people who are trying to track you. The next morning you go down to the town and look around, trying to get a feel for all the places that might be relevant to you. You kill everyoneYou remember in your mind the first time you killed someone, you went numb for a few days after that, but then you just felt very happy about the situation. It might be a little more difficult this time, but you do feel slightly euphoric from what youve read in the books about how killing is supposed to make you feel. Maybe you could get yourself a little rush if you did something really bold. Well, your plan is still a little hazy, and youre trying not to think about it too much, so you just sit at the bar reading some of the various books you can find in there. You have little in the way of conversation, other than random observations of various people in the town and the surrounding area. Nothing really about the movie you were watching.

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