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There are no critic reviews; theres no critic critique; theres no critic troll. And theres no critic; critic; critic; critic; critic; review. 1 reviewsTheres one review, and thats the one that matters. You dont bother with other reviewsIts not a review, its not a criticism, its just a note. You have little understanding of the language of film critics and no desire to attempt to understand them. Plus it doesnt really matter now and youre not really paying any attention to most things anyway. You exit the theater and head back to the party. You spend the rest of your evening wandering the city and talking to the people that come towards you. Its a party that youre not really invited to, but that hardly matters anyway; youre not really partying anyway. Youre just being who you are, and who you are is a lonely twenty year old. What really matters is youre feeling great in the physical after your party night. You cant remember the last time you were actually satisfied sexually afterwards, so you feel a lot better about yourself. You havent been horny for quite some time, ever since that first night when you had done something that you shouldnt have done, and you were ashamed about it. Of course you feel the same way about your body now. Youve always wondered what it would be like to touch yourself without a partner being there, or even a nearby camera, and now that youre in the company of a woman, you can find out. In the evening you find out that youre quite capable of engaging in the sort of intimate activity that youve fantasized about for a long time without your mind going into a sexual frenzy. You are pretty sure that you havent let your thoughts wander too far into that direction before, which you suppose is partly due to feeling shame about that same encounter as a kid. At the party you spend some time chatting to the girls that dance there and getting to know them a little better. Theyre all pretty, and you sense that if you really got to know them a little better it would be a lot of fun. All of them you find to be really nice and they make you feel like youre at home. One thing that sticks out in your mind is that all of them dance a little jig, and in fact they all dance a lot better than the men that they dance with. They almost all seem to be in some sort of band, each one in turn joining in with the group dance. You find this kind of thing kind of adorable.

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