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In other good news, the live-action version of the comic book Fantastic Four, starring Jeri Ryan asthe Invisible Man and Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, is also very successful. A lot goes into the making of an opening weekend, and your film was no exception. The films premiere was held last Friday, on the morning of the weekend. After a few more weeks of pre-production, the film was finally ready. Filming began immediately, and after several weeks of shooting, the film finished shooting in October 2005. The actors for the film were mostly selected from the film industry in New Zealand, with two of the main actors being the movie stars Jason Momoa, Hooniverse, and Nathan Fillion, The LibrariansOnce the film was shot, the cast began working on scripts and making the movie that it wasnt going to be another Little Mermaid re-making, which didnt appeal to you in the slightestThe cast of the film is an important part to your film, and you want to make it what it should be. The production of the film was finished in late 2005, and since it was now late enough in the year, it was safe to release the film that fall. The film that you and your family had envisioned, that you had been working on, was finally completed. There were no problems with the release of the film, however with the increase in the number of people in town, the movie was played at a different time of night, and thus, at a different time of day. It turns out, the cinema had been scheduled to show a film by the name of Practical Magic, which was playing at a time when the cinema was supposed to be showing The Beast. People, confused about this, began rioting, which lead to the police declaring the cinema a no-go zone. However, that was no longer a problem that needed to be taken care of, as that day, the rioting died down and people began going back to their normal routines. Some people did not return, and others who returned were unhappy with the results of the release of the film.

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