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You see an old man standing near a tree, the same tree from when you ran through the forest that day. Suddenly, a red cloud appears in the sky, and you realize that someone is trying to attack you with a bomb. You quickly run inside the Castle, as the man turns around and starts to yell at you. You thought that was a pretty castle, you should have known that it is going to explode soon. You say I have to find the Master SwordThe Master Sword. That is the only reason why I am here, and that is why I want you to help me. You go further inside the Castle to find the Master SwordYou take the man by surprise, but he does not move a muscle. Find me the Master Sword, and I shall grant you your wish. He starts to say, before you kick him in the chest and rip his head off. You continueAs you walk deeper inside the castle, you start to notice that you are in a large hall. Most of the walls are gray tile, with some of them are cracked and missing. The ceilings and floors are all made of dark wood. It is not long before you get to another door, which opens, revealing a large room with lots of statues on the floor. A little farther, another door opens, which reveals a hallway, and finally, a final door which opens up onto a small balcony. Or rather, a figure is standing near the balcony of the room you are in. Whats surprising is, a horse is standing by the side of the balcony, being ridden by a man wearing a cloak. Now that you are in the presence of the Master Sword, you can do nothing but stare at the figure riding the horse, and looking back to see where you are going. You turn and face your enemiesYou turn around to face your enemies. You start to charge, and the rest of your friends follow, ready to take down your enemies. You finish your enemies with the Master Sword You swing your sword as hard as you can, trying to make them fall from the balcony. You see the figure get hit by the sword, but not hard. He is knocked out cold, and lying on the floor in a puddle of his blood.

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