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I used to play this gameThe image of the two characters is shown on the screen. As the song played, you remember your life in the past, the past that brought you to this place. You also remember that after coming out of the bath you took a walk to the west side of the mansion. And there, you could see a small pond with three girls floating on top of it. Your imagination ran wild as you saw two of the girls holding each other and screaming. The third girl was naked except for what looked like a towel wrapped around her body. Her face was covered and her hands were in her ears and her hair was down, but there was no mistaking that she was a girl. You were so confused by all this that you didnt know what to do next. You left the pond when you remembered that you needed to go back to your room. You went upstairs and down the stairs until you got to the living room. In the living room were four chairs of different colors. You sat in one of the chairs and watched everything slowly take form from your perspective. You were surrounded by a forest of many different trees. They didnt look very tall, but they were very wide and there were many of them. You could see a large white house in the distance. The sun was setting in the distance, and it seemed like it would be the perfect time for a party. You could see a lot of people, wearing very different costumes, dancing all over the place. It was so sad, and yet sad at the same time. You were sad when you heard the song, but it made you think of your family, which made you sadder, but then that made you happy, which made you sadder again. What about your mother, your father, your brother, even your best friend.

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