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We are already looking forward to working with you. Regards, Your NameWe look forward to working with you. In short, they will not be willing to pay you more than what they already pay. I dont know why you would even consider moving to New York as opposed to staying in Virginia, where you have more job prospects. Anyway, we still want you to come to NY, but youll be on your own and youll have to live with us. This would be a great opportunity for us to get to know you a bit better and if you decide NY isnt for you, we have lots of room in the basement. Im sure we would be able to find a job for you back at the warehouse. Anyway, we havent seen or heard from you in awhile and Im sure youve had a lot on your mind. Now that the warehouse you were working at has been sold, youre now unemployed and without a job. However, it seems like your mind is still set on moving to New York City to find a job. However, before you decide to move to NYC, I want to tell you something. Here in Virginia we have a very limited work force here and those few lucky people that do have positions with nice pay, benefits, and a good work environment. New York, although it has great potential, has a very negative image. Its reputation is that its the city of the rich and famous and its not always the case thats what it really is. NYC is a place where the good times are few and far between and the bad habits from the city dont go away even when you try to get away from it. Do you really want to go to the Big Apple right now. You dont have to go anywhere, but I still want you to know that if you do pick up and move to NYC, Im not going to help you. Regards,Herb Im sorry you feel this way, Herb. Although Ive never been there, Ive heard a lot about the city. But I also have to say, its not all bad. Im pretty sure the warehouse youre working at is already being re-rented again, and you could be there working for a minimum wage job.

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