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My art works are always inspired by my personal views on Disney and tattoos. The tattoos on the bikini girl are my personal tattoo ideas. The tattoo works can be thought of as personal tattoo reminders. My art works and the tattoos on the beauty and the beast work incomplete, Tattoo Tutorial: which is, followed by The bikini girl tattoo works and the tattoos on the beast work incomplete I am proud of Disney world and-my work in-it-. Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Obama said the US would be willing to work with India to solve some of the most pressing issuesUS President Barack Obama has said that his relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is stronger now than at any time during the time they worked together during the last two years of his term. Mr Obama gave glowing reviews of the new India-US ties, which he said would be stronger than ever under Mr Modi. He said India would play a bigger role in the world, and the relationship with India would be very strong. The US and China are locked in an acrimonious trade dispute. One of my early conclusions is that my relationship with Prime Minister Modi is stronger now than at any time during the time he served in the Indian Parliament, Mr Obama told an audience at the Brookings Institution on Thursday. So a strong and healthy relationship between India and the United States is absolutely critical for the future of India-US relations. Power of ideasHe said India, which came into the world at the crossroads of a lot of old rivalries, was now a model of tolerance, democracy, a reformed economy, greater respect for women, a commitment to peace and a more peaceful world. Mr Obama said he was confident that India would play a bigger role in the world given Indias population, its size and its power. He said he saw the US and India in a power of ideas and that had a direct impact on the world. Image copyright AP Image caption The US president said he saw more direct impact of Indias size on the worldIndia can drive forward an.

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