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You stand on the edge of the stage, watching your friends enter the concert hall. You all go up to your usual spots, then you all begin to dance and sing along to your favorite songs. S been a while since youve done this. Ll be eighteen this year, have mostly been doing it on the Internet. Ve bought a couple of the newer pop songs for a bit of variety. Re up to about the same level as the adults anyway. Eventually, everyone has left, and there is a lot of drinking going on. S one of the few good things about being at school, it means you get to spend your free time with your friends. You have a couple of more drinks, and tell your two closest friends that you want to go back to your own dorm. T been sleeping around as you might think. Ve just been having quite a bit of fun with a few guys. You and your friends head back to your own dorm and soon fall asleep. Re trying to remember if you drank any last night. You take the same route, and eventually end up back in your old room. You remember where you were, then you remember where you were going, then you start to panic. It all starts to make sense when you run back to your own room and start to cry. Ve been in the same exact bed the entire time. You spend the rest of the night crying and worrying about your life. You still have some of your memories and some of your personality. But most importantly, you still have your love for your sister and desire to make her proud. S not the way I want her to find out. You think to yourself as you try to calm yourself down. Over the next few days, you spend time as quiet as possible. T want to upset her by making noise or anything like that.

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