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There is a difference between the adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same, and the adage, change is for suckers. You stick to what you knowYou have seen how your family has been ostracised by society since you were born, you know the meaning and importance of family. You know the meaning of life and that the right things in the right order will achieve the result. You remember how difficult it is to make a friend, how you need to stick to the basics. You have made numerous friends in the past and you have a firm belief that life is not a competition, it is a journey, where you never know who will be your friend. You are going to stick to your morals and beliefs and your principles. T have much to lose and everything to gain, by sticking to what you know. Just like your family, you will stick to your principles and your way of life. Ll go through the trials and tribulations of life with a firm belief in what you believe in, without caring much about who the outcome might be. T want to leave your home again. T wait to go back to your room. It was about the time you had to go to go to the toilet that you heard the sounds of running water coming from outside, you then looked outside to see if you could see anyone, but were quite disappointed to see nothing was moving. You hear your father call to you. T have enough to buy a single candy bar. You rushed to the bathroom and ran to close the door before he opened it to get his stuff from the basement.

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