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T just post it in this thread and expect us not to use it. Re looking forward to this anyway, so you comply with the request. The next day you wake up early ready for the day ahead. Just as you expect, the forest has opened up all of a sudden and a small park is in front of you. As you walk along with the large crowd of people you realize all of them are going to be here for beauty for the remainder of the day. Mode, but you want to break that pattern. Because I could use a little exercise to help me out. Re about to start running, you hear a couple of voices behind you. You turn around and see a couple guys wearing masks. T look intimidated, in fact they look downright friendly. Re just going to be a little nice with you. I think you could use a little more of a workout anyway. S going on, let alone who the heck the Mayor is. M not running away right now.

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