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You go for Amanda BynesDamn Amanda Bynes. I mean, I dont think you are a bad looking woman, but your face is still ugly. You stop your search and head to your car. You begin to curse at yourself for going for Amanda Bynes and start cursing at the wall. I still cant shake the feeling that theres something wrong. Fuck it, Im going to start listening to music again, I dunno, that really worked for me a few days ago. You drive for about 10 minutes and then you realize that youre really not in the mood for music. So you turn on the radio and listen to some music. It suddenly occurs to you that in order to forget your anxiety, you need to do something that you normally arent very good at doing; you know what it is; you need to exercise. So you start off by going for a run. The first time you do it, it is very embarrassing and you get a bit nauseous for a moment, but soon it feels just like normal running and you can run to your hearts content, then you start to get an urge to smoke cigarettes and drink some alcohol. In another month you get a little better at it and start to run to the point where you feel you wouldnt be able to run at all, which is pretty much how you feel because you are afraid to make a mistake. This is not a good sign, especially since you feel like something is off about you. After a month, you feel like you can run even faster and you try to run even farther, but you cant do it. In fact, you still get the urges to smoke and drink alcohol. You are getting really tired of these urges of yours though. You dont need cigarettes and alcohol to feel good. You continue runningYou find yourself feeling very tired and your legs feel like jelly. You turn on the radio and start to listen to some music, and it suddenly occurs to you that these feelings you have are exactly what you had when you first started to drink alcohol and smoke weed. You start to think that you could probably get through your day fine if you do nothing else except drink and smoke a little weed for relaxation. Even though you are only in this situation briefly, you can already tell that is not a good idea. The reason is, there is something else going on inside of you and you arent even aware of it.

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