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I want to see a handsome hipster with a shag haircut. T believe how much this line is starting to reflect your real personality. You shake your head as you realize with such a new found outlook and determination. You look at your watch and realize you have quite a bit of time before your next class, so you take the opportunity to go and buy a few more things. Ve got enough on you in your room to last you till class tomorrow. T include any of the candy or sugary snacks that seem to be on sale in the cafeteria all the time. T really feel like going out at this hour. T really feel like sleeping either. Ve always been like this and you do feel like doing something right now. You walk up to the door and knock as loud as you can. Ve succeeded in getting the attention of whoever is currently in the room. When you enter the person inside is a young, light skinned woman. You say and nervously step back a bit. Ve been looking all over for you. S tone has changed to one of depression, Well its nice to know that you are probably not the only person to feel this way. M really starting to think that staying in today was a bad idea. M going to go check the library when I can. You head back to class after class and by the end of the day you practically have a hard on for yourself. Re even starting to think about taking off your.

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