Be swept into the romantic fairy tale of the Beast who could only …

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After years of being together, Belle discovers, after years of being alone, that theres more to their relationship than just a common love of music. She thinks that their love for each other is deeper than just a love of the music. She thinks the love is deeper than just a love of a song. The Beast knows that a love of a song cannot survive on its own. The Beast comes into Belles life, with a song, and into her heart, with a touch, and into her life, with a smile. The Beast moves the most beautiful girl in the world, from her lonely castle, to the front of a movie theatre with a touch and into the life of a fairy queen with a smile. The Beast changes peoples lives with a smile and a song, with a touch and a song and a touch. Belle is the princess she always dreamed about, and the prince she always dreamed of having. Both will need to be swept up into the story-telling of Beauty and the Beast. The cast of characters:The Story-teller:The Story-teller is a dark figure, whos voice and appearance do not seem to be consistent with what he is telling the story to you. He seems to have a voice similar to that of the other characters, and is dressed in a hooded cloak, a hooded cape and a hooded cloak, and carries a staff that has a long handle and a lighter, with a matching lighter which he uses to cast a spell. The Staff:The staff seems to be a staff that is used as a tool. It has a long handle and a lighter, with a matching lighter which he uses to cast a spell. It can cause fire to be thrown, as well as lightning. The Flame:The Fire seems to be a fire of some kind, which seems to originate from the staff. Its shape and size and color are completely unpredictable, as it could be a black dragon, a giant black dragon, a fiery pillar of pure black fire, flaming skulls, a fiery ball of lightning, a fiery ball of ice, a fiery pyramid, a flaming sword, or a fiery whip. The Flame appears to have a dark pink color, and it could be a flame of any color, not just a pink flame. The Fire:The Fire appears to be a small flame that originates from the staff. The Fire could be of any color, it could be of a silver color, could be of a black color, could be of any other color, that is, except a.

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