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Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. Click here to view original GIFAdvertisementIf Im being honest, I was a bit apprehensive about this video. Not because I wasnt into the movie, but because its basically just me talking to a disembodied voice. So it seemed more of a desperate attempt for attention or like a weird way to get people to watch the movie. The voice is none other than the legendary Johnny Yong Bosch. And he does a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of Beast. AdvertisementWhat really impressed me about this video is how Bosch takes the movie and makes it his own. The movie is like a documentary, but the voice is like a narrator. So hes telling us about the movie in the past tense, but hes also telling us about his own life, specifically how he was a kid when he first saw the movie. For those of us that have never seen the movie, we all know the first thing I do when I watch a movie is start looking at the people I think are going to be the good guys or the bad guys. Well Johnny comes out with the two bad guys for the movie, the Beast and the Van Helsing. And while that might seem like a wasted opportunity, Bosch does a pretty good job of making it work. Bosch also does a decent job of just making up whatever he thinks are supposed to be funny scenes just to make this bear experience as real as he can. Like he really thinks the Beast killing all the kids in the woods are supposed to be funny. He also does a decent job of making the Van Helsing turning evil a reality. AdvertisementAnd all of this is done in a very convincing way that its actually funny. And I really hope this is the first of many collaborations Bosch and Disney, because when you think about it this video is a great example of Boschs voice being really convincing. It makes the movie a hell of a lot more believable. Even when Bosch starts talking about his own sexual exploits, its all believable. Via The VergeTop photo: YouTubeTo contact the author of this post, write to nathan.

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