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A little light reading might be the best way to get inside the minds of these freaks. After all, you can try to learn about the human mind from other sources. As much of a conspiracy nut that you are, you decide to start with the most benign and banal of subjects. You turn the light back on and stare at the screen with interest. You are a high school student at a school for gifted youngsters. You are also a member of the schools lacrosse team and a member of your class book club. The room is bright and busy, like most of the schools around the world. The screen on the far left shows you an article about a game being played outside. You see several figures running, some wearing green, some wearing white and some with red clothing. A small man wearing a white lab coat stands near a computer at the back of the room and you can see his eyes watching the game, not moving in any particular direction. You close the door and stay in your seatThe screen shows a close-up of your chair. Your chair has a TV screen in it that shows the game. You watch as the screen shows a man clad in red and white clothing running from a screen and then changing his clothes. You watch as the screen shows the man coming out of a store and walking past several screens and up a ladder. He enters a large building and then goes into a door that is closed but does not lock. You turn off the TV and look aroundThe screen shows you looking around the room. A figure dressed in red clothing enters where you stand. You watch as she passes under the TV screen. You turn off the TV and go to sit quietly in your chair. You study the screenYou study the screen of the screen until someone knocks on the door and then come back to study the screen for a long time. At first you just study the screen, but then you realize there is no television. You close the door and sit quietlyThe TV is off.

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