Based on the beloved Academy Award-winning Disney film, this nine-time …

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On Drury Lanes stage is exactly what we discussed. Its a good thing she wasnt just referring to one of those shows at Oakbrook, because youre pretty sure youd get your ass kicked pretty badly if she picked one of those. Im just going to head out to the car because I figured I might as well grab something from the mall too. You start the car and take your first few steps out. The first thing you notice is how bright everything is. As you drive through the shopping center, you pass stores with bright signs and signs advertising their Best of the Best sale. You drive for a bit and eventually reach your destination. You park your car in what you guess is a well lit spot and then walk over to the entrance. Looks like you could easily have the entire mall to yourself. T look like a person you know. Your words get no more than a nod in return. You start to walk towards the massive doors only to stop yourself.

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