Bam Margera's Brother Puts Out Urgent Call for Whereabouts, Hints at Danger

bam margera

Bam Margera‘s family seems to be fearing the worst, and his brother’s putting out a Twitter APB to find him before he can harm himself.

Jess Margera tweeted early Sunday morning, “If anyone in the LA area knows of Bams current whereabouts or a hotel he might be at please call the LAPD immediately.”

jess margera

Jess says he’s trying to get police to ping Bam’s phone in order to find his location, but he’s hitting some red tape — which is why he’s asking for everyone to spread the word on Twitter.

As he put it, “I don’t think we have that kind of time” to wait for police.

As we reported, the former “Jackass” star had a total meltdown 3 days ago over not being able to see his son, Phoenix, amid his divorce from Nikki … and vowed to smoke crack until he dies.

One clue to Bam’s current whereabouts came in a video TMZ obtained and posted on Saturday.

In the clip, Bam is hanging with some random folks at a Pennsylvania bar and grill. Witnesses say he told them he was getting ready to fly to L.A. to check into rehab.

Jess clearly believes Bam did get on a plane to L.A., but he’s not buying the rehab part.

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