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After getting acquainted with each other, they start planning out ways of courting each other. The film even has a few jokes about the fact that Baker has been trying to get with a girl in the bathroom in the past. So if youre feeling depressed andor you want to laugh at all the ridiculous things that go on around you in the Tel-Aviv ghetto, this might be for you. The man accused of stealing food from a Hamilton food bank says he wasnt motivated by hunger. StuffHes here now, hes in a little room, he has a few pieces of paper which have the names of various people and things, Klyton officer John Ponder explains. The papers give some vague description of some of the items, some of the information, and some of the person or people that is associated with these items. The paper doesnt explain why they were taken, and the items are not expensive, he says. Were still doing more research, and gathering some more information, but Im sure youll continue to see him as you continue your work. You meet the Courier, The Courier is here and the Courier must be stopped. We have to find these people, you say. We do, but theyre not easy to find, and theyre also elusive in their actions. Theyll use disguises, or theyll lie about their identities. I cant say if its some grand plan, but Im sure some of them would rather not show up completely. I have to admit, I have a hard time believing these two, theyre scammers, but they are so dedicated to making some quick money. It would have to be very desperate for them to want to cause a scene like this. You nod, but youre still trying to wrap your head around just what this Courier could be. Klyton police are keeping a tight-knit group together, and they have an intense rivalry with an independent mage group thats not exactly friendly with the Klyton police. These two seem too good to be true. So Im guessing theyre going to try to rob us, you say. You try to take them down to the level of the street, which is one of the most direct routes to the Klyton police station from the Klyton General Store.

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