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If you look at some of the models, some of them might be wearing B cup breasts. Gorgeous girls can t have Jenny from the block and they re not gorgeous looking. The models must have some place else to go, they re NOT gorgeous. You leave the clothing store and find some street clothes for the day. On your way home you see a flyer advertising a model party nearby. You go to the model partyYou find a model party flyer and get in your car for the day. You make it to the party about two hours late. The party is in a warehouse on the other side of the city, but the entrance is a secret back door. You can tell because most of them are either scantily dressed or dont have clothes on at all, and only one looks your way. You cant really tell from this distance, but she looks a lot younger than the other girls, so its a girl you know. Its a small affair, with just eight or nine models in the warehouse, but the partys going well. You see a bunch of models sitting around talking and just chatting with each other. The partys going on for hours, and there are a lot of people there. You find a seat at the bar and order a drink and a snack. You dont even pay full price. Youre not really sure what youre doing, but you get a little chatty. It seems like youre the only one talking to other people, other than the models and they seem to be enjoying your company, which makes you even more chatty. Your conversation with the other models is pretty dull, but you have a feeling youll be chatting with people all day long. A lot of the other people look like theyre from some college town where you used to go to college and the girls there are pretty. In fact, you can see a few of them from time to time. You remember talking to a girl there once. Your conversation with her seems to have left a good impression on you. You remember her so well; she was really nice to you. You spend a couple hours there talking with a lot of people, but you eventually start getting bored. The other models seem to be talking with each other too, but by the time it gets to you its too late. You get up to leave and take an Uber back home. When you get home the first thing you wonder about is if you should keep going to the party or if you should head back home.

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