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You and the woman continue to talk for two more pages. You talk about her family and her background, about her work and her classes, about her husband and her son. She mentions her house, her husband, her job, and her son. You also get to hear more about her background, which includes all the details of her school, her town, her church, and her workplace. You hear about her past, and as you listen, the picture of her slowly begins to come into focus. She explains that her parents ran a hair salon, but she was born in the late 1970s to a family that could not afford to go to an elite school. Instead, she studied to become a nurses aide, and she went with a friend to the nursing school in town, which was called the Midweek School. After graduating high school, she wanted to go to a college or university that she had not been to before, so she applied to several schools, but was accepted only one, the only one that she knew was available, called the Avalon School of Cosmetology. She had been trained by other people with more experience than her, so she was told that she would have to go to classes while she got up to speed, but she had nothing to worry about, she was assured. She was still a nurses aide, and she worked her way up to assistant to a professional barber. She talks about her own time at the school as well, but she does not say that she had to work during that time. She did, however, mention that it was the only place she could go and she would not be a burden, and she felt that the school was an advantage, while others were simply competitors. She says that all her classmates were there because they wanted to make money, but she came to this school not to make money, but to learn. She says that she was given a chance to do something that no one else was allowed to do, and that was to make money while she was in a barber shop. She says that she had always had an eye for beauty, and she had wanted to work at a salon like the one she was going to, so as a little later in life, she went into the barber shop itself. As you listen to her, there is always someone else on the other side of the phone. A man on the other end who calls himself John. He says that he had found what she was looking for, and from the tone of her voice, she was the only one he was looking for. You and the woman continue to talk for five more pages. You discuss her business ventures, her personal history, all of it is documented with an interesting and detail level that you were not given before.

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