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Suddenly, you catch sight of a word in the little yellow book, but you cant make out the letter. You take a look in the bookYou take a quick look in the little yellow book and you see a new letter that reads: You pick up the little yellow book thats been on your hands, and you feel something strange. The moment you put the little yellow book on the table, something different inside the book is revealed. In the book, is a list that is so long that you are not sure if you will be able to finish it in time. Among the list is a name thats on the list: Princess Aurora. Aurora was the first princess of the kingdom of Arendelle and is the heroine of Walt Disneys animated film Sleeping Beauty. She is the heroine of the Disney animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. You finish reading the listYou finish reading the list of names:Name: AarneGender: MaleAge: 11Hair Color: BrownEye Color: Blue You see AarneYoure not the only one who saw Aarne. Aarne, whose name youre seeing now, is looking at you. Hes a young boy, with a kind face and a kind of blue eyes. He has beautiful curly hair and is wearing a tunic decorated with blue and white striped patterns. His face is not the most impressive and looks just like yours. You greet himYou greet Aarne with a quick hand gesture and Hello Aarne looks at you with a surprised face.

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