Atlanta, Georgia hosts Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles …

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Take A BreakCHRIS TERRY: Chris Terry with me for another edition of Today in Biz. CHRIS TERRY: If youre just joining me, Im your co-host in 2012. Well be doing a live show every weekday until the Super Bowl, and Im talking about a lot of stuff, including, well you know. Today were talking about another of your passions, and this one has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Were all about food, which is why, as you might expect, this was a big topic on the Super Bowl 50 50th episode: the Super Bowl. Im bringing in two of my favorite guests, the first of which is none other than the man who made pizza cool, Mr. And the second of which is a celebrity chef who makes some of the best food in America and was kind enough to join me on the trip to California. Both of these guys have gone to some pretty exotic places on this program. Now, youve gotta be real hungry to be here, because weve gotta talk about food. CHRIS TERRY: I dont think weve ever seen you eat before. RACHEL BLISS: No, but, okay, I mean. MICHAEL MOORE: No, I mean, youre not going to get up and go eat. LAUGHS I mean, I had a chicken pot pie once when I was little. And yeah, I was right next to this very hot person and we had this magical moment. They cant even sit down and have a meal like I had once in my life. I had a chicken pot pie once in my life. It was a small pot pie, but it contained enough chicken to fill half a large grocery bag.

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