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Hwang Min-sik, South Korea, Simmons: How did you get started in acting. Min-sik: I was born in a small village and spent all my childhood there. I was very shy and didnt want to leave my home so I joined the Korean Peace Volunteers. Min-sik: In my hometown, theres a theatre where I performed in plays. Min-sik: I enjoyed playing the hero in the movie I Saw the Devil, 2005 and I really wanted to play a good-hearted man like Bruce Lee. Simmons: What is your favorite movie andor TV show. Min-sik: My favorite movie is The Big Chill. Simmons: Is there anything else youd like to share about yourself. Min-sik: I was a good student and my ambition is to save up enough to study abroad. Chris Tucker, USA, Chris Tucker started out in the business as a stand-up comedian and made his feature film debut in 1988. Since the mid-1980s, he has become famous for playing characters such as Sergeant Rock, Agent Koons and the voice of Dr. Clayton Forrester in the animated film Home Movies. Tucker was also the voice of the animated character of Jorgen Von Strangle from the television series The Amazing World of Gumball. He has also voiced a number of other characters in the Cartoon Network series Regular Show and the Cartoon Network movie, Home Movies. Order and, as the voice of General Ashland in the video game Halo CE, he received the Hottest Voice in Television award from Computer Gaming World Magazine. Tuckers voice has also been heard in cartoons, video games, music videos, movies, commercials, and more. Tucker is currently the owner of the TV Land network, and the creator and show runner of the popular show Home Movies. He was also the co-star of the TV sitcom Growing Pains for six years. In addition to his show production career, Tucker has also been an entrepreneur in the movies and on TV. Tucker was a co-creator of the series, The Tom and Jerry Show and a producer. He also co-created and produced the short-lived show, Jiggies and wrote and directed the movie, The Hangmans Daughter. Tucker also has had various commercial appearances, including a starring role in the Home Improvement TV series as the voice of Tom Tucker. Tuckers acting career has allowed him to have relationships with women.

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