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M using a facecloth I brought with me from the hotel. I thought you said you got to the convention early. I just got home a little after 7. I got in the car, I tried to take a deep breath and calm myself, but as soon as I got in the car I got this immense feeling of dread and anxiety. You stop talking and look around the room. A big ghostly black thing standing over me. I was sitting here trying to think about other things, and it was like I had to look away. I went to leave and the thing just screamed at me. T seen one this big in a long time. Yeah well I have more important things to worry about than some ghost haunting me. Maybe, but maybe you could ask those questions later. Re going to have to get a new place soon. M calling the management of this hotel and explaining this thing. Ll probably be less than enthusiastic about having something as spooky as this in the hotel.

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